jQuery Mobile Interactive Quiz with a Score

jQuery Mobile: Interactive Quiz with Score Tracking using JavaScript

jQuery Mobile makes it easy to create an interactive quiz and JavaScript can keep track of the user’s score by creating a variable and storing the value. In the sample code below you will note the variable totalScore is used within the myScore() function. The score out of 10 is generated, displayed and reset to […]

create a jQuery Mobile multiple choice quiz with feedback

jQuery Mobile: Create a Multiple Choice Quiz with Feedback

jQuery Mobile is a framework that quickly helps to beautifully style forms for mobile devices since it includes CSS to do all the work for us. If you aren’t sure what jQuery Mobile is or how to get started then I recommend you take a quick look at jQuery Mobile: How to Create Your First […]

how to create a quiz using javascript with onclick event

JavaScript: How to Create A Quiz

Starting with the Basics This code will create a button which, when clicked, will display any text of choice. One very simple way to apply this in making a quiz with immediate feedback would be to follow these steps: Enter the first question followed by a button with “Check Answer” as the text. Within the […]

javascript development resources

JavaScript Development Resources

I know JavaScript isn’t new, however, I believe it to be an invaluable scripting language for any web developer. Over the years it has grown in its ability to provideĀ better client-side scripting through jQuery; a fast, feature-rich JavaScript library. Before I get too ahead of myself and jump fully into jQuery, I first wanted to […]

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