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jQuery Mobile: How to Override the CSS-Based Columns

If you are ready to set up your page layout with jQuery Mobile you can easily divide any page, or only a specified height, into columns. The ui-grid (a-d) container you select will dictate the width, specified as a percentage, inherent within the provided jQuery Mobile CSS file. You also need to define each child element by […]

jQuery anatomy of a page

jQuery Mobile: How to Create Your First Page

When building an app with jQuery Mobile, one of the first things to understand is the anatomy of a page. In addition, at this stage I’m assuming you have the jQuery files linked as recommended and shown here: If you need more information on which files you need to link within the <head> tag then […]

how to create a quiz using javascript with onclick event

JavaScript: How to Create A Quiz

Starting with the Basics This code will create a button which, when clicked, will display any text of choice. One very simple way to apply this in making a quiz with immediate feedback would be to follow these steps: Enter the first question followed by a button with “Check Answer” as the text. Within the […]

javascript development resources

JavaScript Development Resources

I know JavaScript isn’t new, however, I believe it to be an invaluable scripting language for any web developer. Over the years it has grown in its ability to provide better client-side scripting through jQuery; a fast, feature-rich JavaScript library. Before I get too ahead of myself and jump fully into jQuery, I first wanted to […]

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